Remote Diagnostics

Our Remote Diagnostics integrate the functionality of a data logger with that of a communications bridge and embedded processor to provide a compact, rugged and cost effective solution to industrial monitoring activities.

Our Remote Diagnostics have been deployed systematically in the Automotive, Nuclear and Defence industries; which use the Diagnostics Hub not only to sample data, but to control and process the transmission of data over various network infrastructures.

A recent addition to the portfolio is the Rail industry where Remote Diagnostics have been used to acquire data pertaining to the condition of automated doors, as well as data associated with passenger comfort, i.e. HVAC system monitoring. 

Door Diagnostics Case Study

In this case study we describe how the Instrumentel Door Diagnostics Unit (DDU) meets the need of rail operators and maintainers by providing a retrofittable, cost effective solution to condition based monitoring of in-service sliding and slam-door sets.

Our Remote Diagnostic solution is a versatile electronic system allowing access to a range of customer specific modules and devices designed by Instrumentel.

Importantly Remote Diagnostics also provides a cost effective means of networking third party products and instrumentation.  The Diagnostic hub is offered as an expandable system, which the user can configure, with or without Instrumentels’ help, to achieve the desired functionality.

Benefits of our Remote Diagnostics Solution:

High speed sampling

Very high speed sampling and on-board processing enabling rapid analysis of errors

Understanding errors

Understanding the impact of errors using Paradigm Insight

Portable solution

Portable solution to other assets

Automated communication

Automated communication of all data or just simple “health” indicators to a central database.