Explosion Telemetry

Instrumentel has used its experience of creating and deploying advanced data acquisition electronics into extreme environments to create its Wireless Advanced Instrumentation System

The Instrumentel Explosion Telemetry System has been developed in collaboration with the US defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to measure the environment at the heart of an explosive blast. Our Wireless Advanced Instrumentation System (WAIS), delivers a high performance, cost effective solution to explosion blast data acquisition. The system is comprised of the following elements:

An Instrumentel Diagnostic Hub

An Instrumentel Diagnostic Hub (also available as a ruggedized case) configured for high speed data acquisition at up to 10 bit 500 kHz from a variety of sensor types, over both wired and wireless channels.

Up to three wired sensor inputs

Up to three wired sensor inputs, with a sampling bandwidth of 500k samples (10 bit) per channel

One wireless sensor input

One wireless sensor input, coupled to the enhanced XT01 data acquisition tag which incorporates the Instrumentel ruggedised, low power XT01 SOI transponder chip supplemented with non-volatile memory and sensor conditioning.

Elegant and intuitive software user interface

An elegant and intuitive software user interface for controlling and configuring all aspects of the acquisition system, including the remote wireless tag, according to user requirements.

The system consists of multiple, independently programmable data tags based around the Instrumentel Hardened XT01 Data Tag, connected to multiple high speed temperature, pressure and strain sensors.  The data tags are set to trigger on a pre-specified data input and are then placed within the blast zone at areas of interest. 

Following a blast, the tags are recovered, and data is downloaded via a variant of the Instrumentel Diagnostic Hub (DiHub) for analysis. The system has been demonstrated in multiple tests to survive the effects of the blast, even when placed at the target of the explosion, and to produce data of equivalent data to far more expensive, static data loggers.

The Diagnostic Hub

Instrumentel’s Diagnostic Hub forms an integral part of the WAIS system. The Hub integrates high speed data logging and processing with wired and wireless sensor channels. It contains powerful processor (ARM and FPGA processors) allowing it to both control the WAIS system and monitor six sensor inputs simultaneously

Explosion Metrology - history

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Explosion Telemetry Case Study

Instrumentel’s Wireless Explosion Telemetry System, also known in the USA by the acronym Wireless Advanced Instrumentation System (WAIS) has been shown to offer the ability to measure both the surrounding environment (using traditional wired sensors) and uniquely to monitor directly  the epicentre of the blast using Instrumentel’s innovative wireless data acquisition tag.

Explosion Telemetry Overview

Explosion Telemetry System Specification

Whitepaper: Design of an Explosion Telemetry System