Asset Management

Instrumentel’s asset management system combines historic usage and
supply chain knowledge with live data from multiple sources including
RFID readers, QR code scanners and integration with customers, suppliers
and our own stock management systems.

The volume and condition of stock is shown at each location whether at the supplier, in our warehouse, in transit or in the field. Material is managed throughout the supply chain with preventative interventions resulting in industry-leading levels of availability. 

By capturing accurate asset information and providing details to our customers, maintenance and material planning can be informed to automatically predict when interventions are required.


Our proprietary systems are seamlessly linked to provide live updates to our master database and displayed within Paradigm Insight

Unipart Rail currently manage over 40,000 repairable materials each year, both internally and with over 100 material overhaulers and a logistics network which relies on our ability to ensure full traceability.

Details of assets (including scanned documents and photos) are also stored to show the full life-cycle and allow for ongoing analysis. 

This approach has been proven with multiple customers including LUR, where we are tracking wheelsets through the overhaul cycle, giving full asset history via Paradigm Insight and producing bespoke reports to the requirements of LUR.


Paradigm Insight

Instrumentel have developed our web portal to be accessible by any device with an internet connection.  Whether you are office-based looking at material trend analysis or field staff completing fault finding activities, the data and interface is consistent.

The application of learning from across multiple industries has enabled us to provide powerful insights into asset and material performance which are visualised to enable easy understanding in seconds.

In combination with our remote condition monitoring systems, our algorithms analyse data from multiple sources to predict and prevent failures in service, leading to improved asset availability and reliability.

Equipment Options

We can offer a variety of options for asset tagging, and work with our customers to select the most appropriate components for their asset management system. Instrumentel are experts in the selection and operation of RFID equipment, with decades of experience using them in the rail industry.

Tagging Assets

The type of tag selected will depend upon the material it is being attached to, ensuring the tag can function as expected and be used to provide useful information. 

Reading Assets

Instrumentel can provide handheld readers to complete transactions, as well as the use of fixed antenna arrays. We completed an installation of antenna arrays to read and record the RFID tags on every vehicle passing through Baker Street station which serves 5 of London Underground’s lines.

Tracking Assets

Instrumentel have completed multiple installations of asset management systems which show ability to be flexible and applicable in any environment.