Piston Telemetry

Real-time monitoring of engine pistons

The Instrumentel Piston Telemetry System is a cost-effective electronic data acquisition and processing unit designed specifically for the testing and diagnostics of moving pistons in internal combustion engines. The system acquires and processes real-time, critical operating data such as temperature and strain from components within a working engine, usually from the back surface of the piston crown, during operation

Variations of the system have to date been successfully applied to monitoring piston head and valve head temperatures in high performance motorsport engines, but it is equally applicable to commercial and consumer diesel and petrol engines

At the heart of the PTS is a wireless inductively coupled system that delivers operational data from compact, high temperature data transceivers or tags mounted to the component being monitored. This is typically a piston head or valve, but can include other moving parts such as turbos. 

The wire-free inductively-coupled system removes the need for batteries and allows the sensor tags to move freely during operation and to transmit data continuously through over a range of up to 10cm, usually sufficient for the whole piston stroke.

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