What we do for the Defence industry...

Some of the harshest environments include the epicentre of an explosion. Understanding what occurs on impact can provide insight into netralising biological or chemical threats without having to excesively comprimise localised infrastructure. 

Instrumentel have designed integrated on chip systems capable of providing data within the toughest of these environments featuring strains, pressures and temperatures at the very centre of a blast.

Our Explosion Telemetry Solution

The Instrumentel Explosion Telemetry System has been developed in collaboration with the US defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to measure the environment at the heart of an explosive blast. 

The system has been demonstrated in multiple tests to survive the effects of the blast, even when placed at the target of the explosion, and to produce data of equivalent data to far more expensive, static data loggers.

Condition Based Maintenance

Improve asset reliability and availability by optimising your maintenance regime through condition monitoring. 

Through Instrumentel’s proven combination of sensors and analytics, operational performance is managed automatically with exceptions alerted. 

Maintenance is predicted, removing costly failures in service and allowing assets to be operated until maintenance is actually required. 

Improved predictability and visualisation will also reduce costs in both operations and materials.