What we do for the Industrial industry...

Instrumentel technology and products have been demonstrated to operate and provide critical operating data in environments not routinely accessible to data logging and telemetry systems. 

This includes nuclear waste monitoring, steel foundry asset tracking and gas turbine telemetry.

Our Solutions

High Temperature

Our solution

We have designed electronics for a host of environmental conditions, ranging from down-well, to industrial plants, to inside a combustion engine, to within a blast environment. All of which bring their own unique challenges including shock, vibration and high temperature.

Turbine Telemetry

Our solution

The wireless Instrumentel Turbine Telemetry System (ITTS) has been designed specifically to address the challenges of turbine telemetry, by collecting and transmitting turbine blade strain and temperature data collected from gas turbines during spin-up testing.

Down Well

Our solution

Featuring high temperature electronic design using extreme temperature components, Instrumentel are adept at providing high temperature reliable products for use within down-well, low power applications.

Nuclear Waste Monitoring

Our solution

The Instrumentel Nuclear Waste Monitoring Unit has been developed in conjunction with the UK National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to address the challenges of long-term monitoring of sealed intermediate-level waste (ILW) containers.

Condition Based Maintenance

Improve asset reliability and availability by optimising your maintenance regime through condition monitoring. Through Instrumentel’s proven combination of sensors and analytics, operational performance is managed automatically with exceptions alerted. 

Maintenance is predicted, removing costly failures in service and allowing assets to be operated until maintenance is actually required. Improved predictability and visualisation will also reduce costs in both operations and materials.

Nuclear Waste Case Study

Instrumentel’s inductively-coupled metrology systems offer the potential for long-term in-situ monitoring of intermediate-level nuclear waste containers with the provision of a tamper-proof unique ID

Turbine Telemetry Case Study

The wireless Instrumentel Turbine Telemetry System (ITTS) has been designed specifically to address the challenges of turbine telemetry. This Case Study reports the use of the ITTS to collect and transmit turbine blade strain data collected from a gas turbine during spin-up testing.