Instrumentel, working in partnership with many blue chip companies and governmental organisations, has successfully tackled some of the most challenging data monitoring and instrumentation problems in the automotive, oil and gas, nuclear and defence industries. The company is now widely recognised for it’s innovative wireless telemetry and data processing technology, it’s flair for elegant and innovative solutions to real-world monitoring challenges and it’s dedication to delivery and customer satisfaction.

Instrumentel are focused on the delivery of bespoke and commercially scalable systems, designed specifically to operate and survive in harsh, extreme and difficult to access environments. Some of our core competencies are listed below: click on each to learn more.

Instrumentel’s core technology, Inductively Coupled Telemetry (ICT), is a more advanced version of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), enhanced with the addition of sensors and actuators on the remote electronics, called tags. ICT, like RFID systems, consist of four main components, the remote tag, an inductively coupled electromagnetic channel, interrogating device and a network infrastructure.