Data Processing

The Instrumentel core motherboard incorporates high speed processing as standard, to enable raw data to be collected and analysed on-board prior to being distributed to a customer network. This power and flexibility provides the user with the ability to distill operational data into simple traffic light health indicators, whilst storing raw data for later in-depth analysis if required.

Importantly, by analysing raw data on board our units, the volume of data to be transmitted can be significantly reduced, allowing the machine health to be constantly communicated even over low bandwidth networks. Our products are also expandable to an additional 48 analogue/digital I/O channels. This enables the system to also act as a central data logging and processing unit for all engine test data, removing the need for multiple data loggers.


Door Diagnostics Case Study

Condition-based monitoring of Rail Doors delivers smarter maintenance and improved efficiency

Nuclear Waste Monitoring Case Study

Instrumentel’s inductively-coupled metrology systems offer the potential for long-term in-situ monitoring of intermediate-level nuclear waste containers with the provision of a tamper-proof unique ID

Turbine Telemetry Case Study

Turbine blade vibration testing at up to 100,000rpm

Explosion Telemetry Case Study

High performance blast data from the heart of explosions using the Instrumentel Explosion Telemetry system.