Turbine Telemetry System

  • In-situ measurement of turbine blade strain 
  • Turbine blade vibration measurement at up to 100,000 rpm
  • Measures from within sealed units during spin-up testing
  • Simultaneously collects data from up to 12 blades

The wireless Instrumentel Turbine Telemetry System (ITTS) has been designed specifically to address the challenges of turbine telemetry, by collecting and transmitting turbine blade strain data collected from gas turbines during spin-up testing.

The system is comprised of up to twelve individual battery powered data acquisition modules, usually mounted in the balancing grooves of the turbine ring. Each module samples data from one sensor, usually from a strain gauge mounted to an individual turbine blade, although temperature and pressure sensors may also be sampled, giving up to twelve sensor inputs for a standard configuration.

Sensor data is transmitted wirelessly to the Instrumentel Diagnostics Hub  through one of  two antennae mounted on the turbine assembly, with the system automatically switching between antennae as required. This dual antenna “virtual slip ring” system removes blind spots, and therefore provides data from the full rotational cycle of the turbine.

The Instrumentel Turbine Telemetry System is applicable to any application requiring collection and transmission of operating data from rotating parts within sealed units,  and variants of the system have been used for turbo and electrical motor telemetry. Please Contact Us to discuss how the system can be adapted to meet your needs.