Explosion Telemetry System

  • Ruggedised, High Temperature Wireless Telemetry System
  • Measures Temperature, Pressure and Strain directly from target of explosive blast
  • Independent data tags collect data simultaneously from multiple locations
  • Performance verified in tests with US DTRA

The Instrumentel Explosion Telemetry System has been developed in collaboration with the US defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to measure the environment at the heart of an explosive blast.

The system consists of multiple, independently programmable data tags based around the Instrumentel Hardened XT01 Data Tag, connected to multiple high speed temperature, pressure and strain sensors. The data tags are set to trigger on a pre-specified data input and are then placed within the blast zone at areas of interest. Following a blast, the tags are recovered, and data is downloaded via a variant of the Instrumentel Diagnostic Hub for analysis.

The system has been demonstrated in multiple tests to survive the effects of the blast, even when placed at the target of the explosion, and to produce data of equivalent data to far more expensive, static data loggers.

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