Energy Metering Unit

  • Monitors net energy usage in electric and diesel-electric traction units
  • Retrofittable to light rail and main line units
  • Delivers accurate energy consumption
  • Monitors driver behaviour to improve efficiency

The Instrumentel Energy Metering Unit has been designed to retrofit to rail traction units to provide rail operators with real-time information on net energy consumption and driver behaviour.

The Energy Metering Unit is available for both fully electric units, where it measures the energy consumption drawn from overhead lines and diesel-electric units where it provides real time feedback on diesel consumption by the traction unit. In both cases, the unit additionally monitors power regeneration by the engine and braking to calculate net energy consumption.

When used with the GPS option, the Instrumentel Energy Metering Unit can additionally inform operators about driver behaviour at each part of the route. This information can then be used to identify and remove inefficiencies and improve driver training.

The Instrumentel Energy Metering Unit is a low cost solution to improving energy efficiency and can be rapidly retrofitted to most rail traction units including light railways and mainline services. The unit is available in a number of configurations to meet customer requirements. Please Contact Us today for more information.