Down Well Products

  • High temperature down-well electronics
  • Up to 225°C continuous operation
  • High speed data loggers
  • Timers
  • Motor controllers
Building upon its expertise in high temperature electronics and wireless telemetry, Instrumentel is developing a range of down-well products for the oil and gas industry, including those listed below. Contact us today to discuss your down-well applications.
  • Downhole Timer
A high temperature pressure sensor and DC motor control module. This module has the capability to monitor a pressure sensor, and energise a DC motor once the pressure exceeds a pre-set threshold for a user defined period.
  • Motor Controller
A 3-Phase DC motor controller designed specifically for down-hole applications. The electronics have been designed to operate up to 175°C in high shock and vibration environments.
  • Data Logger
A Low Voltage Differential Serial (LVDS) data logger, designed to enable system information to be recorded whilst deployed in the field for later analysis. This module offers 2 Gigabytes of NAND storage this board is capable of logging raw LVDS data at a data rate of 800 kbytes per second.
  • HT Capacitor Modules
A range of high temperature, high density capacitor modules designed to store and deliver power to down-well equipment. The modules provide back-up power or additional redundancy to ensure continuous operation of critical down-well equipment.