Energy Metering Unit

Mar 1, 2013

  • Monitors net energy usage in electric and diesel-electric traction units
  • Retrofittable to light rail and main line units
  • Delivers accurate energy consumption
  • Monitors driver behaviour to improve efficiency

The Instrumentel Energy Metering Unit has been designed to retrofit to rail traction units to provide rail operators with real-time information on net energy consumption and driver behaviour.

The Energy Metering Unit is available for both fully electric units, where it measures the energy consumption drawn from overhead lines and diesel-electric units where it provides real time feedback on diesel consumption by the traction unit. In both cases, the unit additionally monitors power regeneration by the engine and braking to calculate net energy consumption.

When used with the GPS option, the Instrumentel Energy Metering Unit can additionally inform operators about driver behaviour at each part of the route. This information can then be used to identify and remove inefficiencies and improve driver training.

The Instrumentel Energy Metering Unit is a low cost solution to improving energy efficiency and can be rapidly retrofitted to most rail traction units including light railways and mainline services. The unit is available in a number of configurations to meet customer requirements. Please Contact Us today for more information.

Door Diagnostics Unit

Mar 1, 2013

  • Retrofittable system for real time monitoring of train doors
  • Non-intrusive, 15 minute installation time per door
  • Logs door velocity profile and compares to known standard
  • On-board processing converts data to health indicators
  • Early identification of wear reduces expensive in-service failures and reduces maintenance costs

The Instrumentel Door Diagnostics Unit (DDU) is an innovative solution to monitor the performance of train door systems. It is a cost-effective, non-intrusive system that can be rapidly retro-fittable to existing rolling stock  to create automated ‘health indicators’, that can inform more effective and targeted maintenance, and reduce expensive in-service failures.IMG_4561

The solution comprises an Instrumentel Diagnostic Hub attached to the train vestibule in a fixed position and a door strip comprising a row of RFID tags attached to the train door. The system monitors the door  position at 15ms intervals to determine the door velocity throughout the open and close cycle and powerful onboard processors determine the ‘health’ of the door against a known standard. This data is  transmitted over a network to a database for storage and analysis, allowing a detailed profile of the door behaviour including historical trends to be created.

The sampled data can be transmitted over an existing communications network using a proprietary or standard communications protocols, such as: WiFi, Bluetooth, Zig-bee, Ethernet, CAN, USB, modbus etc.

The system can be rapidly expanded to monitor  other train parameters and systems, such as Heating Air-conditioning and Ventilation (HVAC).

Down Well Products

Mar 1, 2013

  • High temperature down-well electronics
  • Up to 225°C continuous operation
  • High speed data loggers
  • Timers
  • Motor controllers
Building upon its expertise in high temperature electronics and wireless telemetry, Instrumentel is developing a range of down-well products for the oil and gas industry, including those listed below. Contact us today to discuss your down-well applications.
  • Downhole Timer
A high temperature pressure sensor and DC motor control module. This module has the capability to monitor a pressure sensor, and energise a DC motor once the pressure exceeds a pre-set threshold for a user defined period.
  • Motor Controller
A 3-Phase DC motor controller designed specifically for down-hole applications. The electronics have been designed to operate up to 175°C in high shock and vibration environments.
  • Data Logger
A Low Voltage Differential Serial (LVDS) data logger, designed to enable system information to be recorded whilst deployed in the field for later analysis. This module offers 2 Gigabytes of NAND storage this board is capable of logging raw LVDS data at a data rate of 800 kbytes per second.
  • HT Capacitor Modules
A range of high temperature, high density capacitor modules designed to store and deliver power to down-well equipment. The modules provide back-up power or additional redundancy to ensure continuous operation of critical down-well equipment.

Nuclear Waste Monitoring Unit

Mar 1, 2013

  • Radiation-hardened wireless telemetry system
  • In-situ monitoring of nuclear waste containers
  • Demonstrated to transmit data from within an ILW container
  • Proven to operate after cumulative 11.5MGy gamma-ray dose

The Instrumentel Nuclear Waste Monitoring Unit has been developed in conjunction with the UK National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to address the challenges of long-term monitoring of sealed intermediate-level waste (ILW) containers.

The system is designed to be housed within sealed ILW containers and to transmit health indicators such as internal pressure, temperature and strain, and a unique  ID throughout the lieftime of the container without compromising the integrity of the container seal.

The system comprises a wireless and battery-free Instrumentel Hardened XT01 Data Tag connected to up to six sensors sealed within the nuclear waste container as shown below.

nuclear barrel schematic

The data tag is powered and data transmitted wirelessly through an inductive link to a variant of the Instrumentel Diagnostic Hub when it is brought close to the metal gauze filter of the container lid.

The XT01 data tag has been demonstrated to continue to operate and transmit data after a cumulate dose of 11.5MGy of gamma radiation, nearly twice the lifetime exposure expected from within a typical ILW.


Valve Telemetry System

Mar 1, 2013

  • Strain and temperature data from engine valves during operation
  • Ideal for valve development, testing and diagnostics
  • Compact, High-Temperature electronics fit on valve stem
  • Wire-free, inductively coupled power and data transmission
  • High Performance Data Processing and Comms

The Instrumentel Valve Telemetry System is a cost-effective electronic data acquisition and processing unit designed specifically for the testing and diagnostics of moving valves in internal combustion engines.

The system acquires and processes real-time, critical operating data such as temperature and strain from the valves within a working engine, usually from the back surface of the valve head, during operation. Variations of the VTS have to date been successfully applied to monitoring piston head and valve head temperatures in high performance motorsport engines, but it is equally applicable to commercial and consumer diesel and petrol engines

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