Turbine Telemetry Case Study

Gas turbine blade assemblies must be tested and balanced prior to operation in order to avoid damaging levels of vibration at the turbine’s resonant frequencies. Such testing requires spinning up the assembly, usually under a vacuum, and monitoring the vibration from selected blades at representative rotational turbine speeds.

This testing regime presents considerable challenges for conventional metrology systems, requiring continuous collection of data from several points on a high speed rotating part, and transmission of that data through a sealed unit to an external data logger. This often requires the use of of unreliable mechanical slip rings to maintain electrical contact with he sensors during testing.

The wireless Instrumentel Turbine Telemetry System (ITTS) has been designed specifically to address the challenges of turbine telemetry. This Case Study reports the use of the ITTS to collect and transmit turbine blade strain data collected from a gas turbine during spin-up testing.

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