Instrumentel Limited was incorporated in 2001 as a venture capital backed spin-out from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Leeds and has since developed to become a world-leader in the design and manufacture of telemetry systems for extreme and inaccessible environments.

Instrumentel became part of an even bigger family when acquired by Unipart Rail in early 2017.

Instrumentel products provide unique insights into operational performance, delivering performance and efficiency benefits to customers in markets including rail, automotive and industrial processes.

The Management Team


Dr David McGorman: Managing Director


One of the original members of the Instrumentel team, David has been a key driving force behind the development of the company’s products and their commercial exploitation.

David has with a proven track record of delivering strategic projects within harsh and difficult to access environments. He is a highly focused individual with strong leadership skills, and significant experience in the operational management of technology businesses.

David holds a BEng combined Honours degree in Computer and Electronic communications from The University of Leeds. Working with Marconi Communications for 6 years, he gained substantial commercial experience in a wide variety of areas ranging from Strategic Networks, to Hardware design to manufacturing techniques. Prior to becoming CEO, David worked as Operations Director, successfully delivering many projects within time and budget. David also has a PhD from the University of Leeds, which covers Instrumentel’s core technology; the design of Inductively Coupled Telemetry systems.

Dr Jonathan Birch, Senior Engineer, Engineering team manager


Jonathan holds a first class honours degree in Electronic and communications engineering from the University of Leeds.  Jonathan has spent time working in a hardware role at Pace micro ltd where he was able to learn important work ethics and engineering skills. There he was working with some of Pace’s top engineers in the new technologies department working on some of the cutting edge projects of the time. Sponsored by Instrumentel Jonathan completed a PhD in electronic engineering and with his accomplished skills has since progressed through the company to become the technical team manager for the company. Jonathan has designed the hardware at Instrumentel for over 10 years with skills including, part selection, schematic design, board layout, system prototyping and testing. Overseeing the development of the products, Jonathan has been crucial to the advancing technology within Instrumentel to date. With many of the products developed for the rail industry at instrumentel, Jonathan has a deep understanding of the requirements needed for rail approval certification of products.


The team

Chris Fan, Project Manager

Chris joined Instrumentel in October 2015 as the lead project manager following a 7 year period working as project manager for an emergency lighting company. There he learned an appreciation for the importance of quality and attention to detail which he continues to focus on within Instrumentel. Chris completed his degree in Design Technology at the University of Northumbria and further advanced his skills whilst working as project engineer for the nuclear industry. The skills picked up whilst working as an engineer have helped Chris to understand the projects from the perspective of the engineers, including BoM Generation, Cad skills and procurement. Knowing these skills from this perspective allow Chris to lead effectively when managing the projects.


Lee Barker – Software Engineer

Lee graduated from the University of Leeds in 2012 with a 1st class masters in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. His particular focus on firmware and software devLBelopment have been key to the advancement of the Instrumentel technology. Lee is proficient in many programming languages including, C, C# and python. Working on the remote retrieval of real world data, Lee has both created and refined hardware specific programs which aide in the analysis and predictive nature of Instrumentel’s technology.



Olu Ehoniyotan – Hardware Engineer

Olu has been a key employee with Instrumentel since September 2015. Olu graduated from the University of Leeds in 2011 with a first class masters degree in Electronic and Electrical engineering. Working at Smart Storm from when he finished his university studys Olu has worked on many projects involving the development of electronic circuits and firmware for remote sensing devices mainly in the waste water sector. With skills in signal processing, C and C++ programming, Network communications and hardware design, Olu provides strong experimental background experience to new and existing designs. Olu has attended and lead many of the site installations for equipment implemented on rail assets.


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Instrumentel works with a number of distributors to sell its world-leading products. The company currently has ongoing relationships with:

Chrome Angel Solutions (CAS), UK


CAS provides an expert and highly experienced team supporting the successful implementation of technology solutions for the European Rail Industry. Their goal is to implement transformational technology: solutions that make a real and

measurable difference to performance on railways. solutions that Instrumentel has developed in partnership with CAS a novel non-intrusive train Door Diagnostics system that is now being rolled out Europewide. CAS act as sole distributors for Instrumentel’s products.

Contact: e: anisa@chromeangel.eu      t: +44 7983 703 051      www.chromeangel.eu